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Vendée Globe


Faisons-nous notre propre enfer, 1991

Acrylic on paper (detail)

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Vendée Globe


"It was a very high-profile period. Of course I was looking for recognition, but I’m convinced that it was in relation to myself …"


"I embarked on my first race, the BOC Challenge 86/87, to prove to myself that I was capable of it. I didn’t bring shame on myself but I didn’t win either. This triggered an unexpected phenomenon: a spirit of vengeance, hostility, almost hatred, which was the driving force behind my victory in the Vendée. The difference with art, or anything else, is that in sport there’s a finish line. A very basic and monomaniacal objective that demands voracious tenacity to the exclusion of all other considerations.

Except that crossing this finish line in first place annihilated, all of a sudden, all this passing madness within me. Brel didn’t believe in talent, he didn’t believe in genius, but in willfulness, desire. I immediately lost the desire to be a champion. As soon as I finished the Vendée, I announced my retirement from ocean racing and my intention to build a floating studio. Launching into the construction of my big schooner was no doubt a mistake, encouraged by media fervor that often clouds healthy discernment. The outcome of this venture was proof of this!"

Titouan Lamazou


Vendée Globe 3930
La baie du grand Joca Ramiro, 1991

Acrylic and ink on paper
50 x 126 cm

Vendée Globe 3915
Faisons notre propre enfer, 1990

Acrylic on paper
150 x 220 cm

Vendée Globe 4160
Philippe Poupon, 1989

Contestant of Vendée Globe
Acrylic on paper
50 x 65 cm

Vendée Globe 4161
Jean-François Coste, 1989

Concurrent du Vendée Globe
Acrylic on paper
65 x 50 cm

Vendée Globe 3926
Écureuil d'Aquitaine 2, 1989

Ink and gouache on paper
60 x 44 cm


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Illustration Making Of
Illustration Making Of
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