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Photo © Malick Sidibé

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An atypical and socially-aware artist, Titouan Lamazou draws a vibrant picture of the world, through paintings and photographs.

After a short stint at the Beaux-Arts, he set sail at the age of 18 years. It was thanks to his voyages that he produced his first works in 1982. His meeting with Éric Tabarly led him to continue his maritime path until he won the inaugural Vendée Globe in 1990.

Throughout these years, Titouan Lamazou fine-tuned his artistic practice. His voyages would become the subjects of numerous publications (Editions Gallimard) and exhibitions (for example, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Musée de l’Homme, Fondation Cartier).

For seven years, from 2001 to 2007, Titouan Lamazou travelled the five continents to meet women at the dawn of the 21st century. This homage to beauty has metamorphosed, in the course of his voyages, into a petition denouncing the many faces of misogyny in this world.

UNESCO found an affinity with the humanist dimension of his values and the cultural diversity that characterizes his approach; on this basis, the organization appointed Titouan a UNESCO Artist for Peace.

In 2012, he rediscovered Aïcha, a Malian friend and muse, in a refugee camp in Burkina Faso. This led him on a new voyage to find his old acquaintances in Timbuktu, going from refugee camp to refugee camp. His journey to Mali’s borders with Burkina Faso, Niger and Mauritania, lasted for four years, and resulted in a series of portraits gathered in the work Retour à Tombouctou, published in 2015 by Gallimard.

In 2016, Titouan published Œuvres vagabondes, which retraces his artistic path via an interview with Jean de Loisy, director of the Palais de Tokyo.

Today, Titouan is devoting himself entirely to the fulfillment of his old Floating Studio dream.


Birth in Casablanca.


Adolescence in Tunisia.

Illustration Event 1967
Titouan aged 11, 1966



Studied drawing with painter and navigator Yvon Le Corre at high school.

Attended the École des Beaux-Arts in Marseille, then in Aix-en Provence.


Illustration Event 1971-1974
Self-portrait at the age of 17, 1973



First Atlantic crossing by yacht.

Sailing through the Caribbean and Carnets antillais.


World tour on board Éric Tabarly’s Pen Duick VI.

Les Goélettes d’Amérique sketchbooks, from the northeast coast of the USA and Canada.

Illustration Event 1976-1979
Titouan Lamazou on the Pen Duick VI, 1977

Polynesia (navigations during the creation of the Guide de manœuvre)
Photograph Marc Pinta


One-year stay in a Berber village in Morocco’s High Atlas.


Ocean races on board the Écureuil d’Aquitaine I and II.
- Winner of the Cape Town-Sydney (1986)
- 2nd in the BOC Challenge (1986-1987)
- Winner of the Québec-St Malo (1988)
- Winner of the Vendée Globe (1989-1990)
- Winner of the Route du Rhum (1990)
- Named Ocean-Racing World Champion

Illustration Event 1985-1991
Arrival of the Vendée Globe, 1990

Photograph Denis Gliksman, Libération


Sets up the Jules Verne Trophy with Florence Arthaud.

Construction of the world’s largest monohull in carbon, the Tag Heuer, a 43-meter schooner.

The Tag Heuer sinks in the following year.

Illustration Event 1992-1993
Titouan and Florence Arthaud (construction of the Tag Heuer), 1992



Permanent return to his paintbrushes.

Voyages across the globe that will result in his producing Carnets de Voyage 1 (1998) and Carnets de voyage 2 (2000) (the Caribbean, Morocco, Peru, Egypt, Cuba, Greece, Benin, Japan, Haiti, Mali, Colombia, Indonesia, Patagonia and Democratic Republic of Congo).

Stint in Paris and Brussels with the singer Renaud to produce the book Boucan d’enfer (2002).


Six years of voyages on the five continents, meeting women from all over the world for his major project Zoé-Zoé, Femmes du monde.

Illustration Event 2001-2007
Titouan at the Musée de l'Homme, 2007

Photograph Didier Léger


Appointment as UNESCO Artist for Peace.

Appointment as Official Painter and Writer of the French Marine.


Becomes patron of the association Lysistrata supporting the defense of women’s rights worldwide.

Illustration Event 2006
Titouan during the making of Ténèbres au paradis, 2008

© Photo Bruno Pellarin


Voyages to the Horn of Africa and the Grand Lakes region, leading to the publication of Ténèbres au paradis (2011), an account of his encounters with exiled women, war refugees or women displaced by internal conflicts.


Journeys to meet exiled families in refugee camps in Burkina Faso, Niger, Mauritania and Mali, which form the basis of Retour à Tombouctou (2015).

Illustration Event 2012-2015
M'bera camp during the making of Retour à Tombouctou, 2013

Photograph Bruno Pellarin


Development of the Bateau-atelier (Floating studio) project.



Illustration Event 2017-2018
Titouan peignant la baie d'Anaho à Nuku Hiva, 2018

© Gwenaël Le Bras



Illustration Event 2020-2021
Tubuai, 2020

© Zoé Lamazou



Illustration Event 2022
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