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Prix Bayeux-Calvados

Africaines des Grands Lacs

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Prix Bayeux-Calvados
Africaines des Grands Lacs

From 3rd to 30th of October, 2011

To mark the 2011 Prix Bayeux-Calvados des Correspondants de Guerre, Titouan presented the exhibition Africaines des Grands Lacs (African women of the Great Lakes), the fruit of his many voyages, from 2004 to 2011, to the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He brought back moving portraits of the victims of armed conflicts as well as activists who testify to the wars and population movements in the country’s east.

In 2011, he published Ténèbres au paradis, a book gathering these accounts, paintings and photographs to form a humane picture of the upsets and dramas afflicting this region. Here, the artist presents complex, poignant lives that are both unique and universal.

From the everyday scenes or portraits painted by Titouan, a great sense of dignity emerges.

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